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Born in Namibia, Eric Sell a.k.a. EES is moving up in the world at a rapid pace.
With 9 officially released albums under his belt, he has ambition and is not about to slow down. His music style is a blend of Kwaito, African House, Afro Pop, Afro-Reggae, and has a really funky fresh spin to it. EES was born and bred in Namibia and started to slowly get into music in 2001, creating a unique African vocal singing style.


Ever since he has been making a massive impact on Namibian Kwaito music outside of Africa and has received several awards recognition including the MTV Listeners Choice award, the Channel O Best Kwaito video in Africa and he even won the German X-Factor in 2018 with his Band. He has a very entrepreneurial spirit and released his own energy drink called „WUMA“ (, a spice called “Nam Flava Spice” (, his own shoe collection, and a very large range of fashion items celebrating the diverse Namibian culture. He is also a big fan of the old Volkswagen Busses, with one of the largest private collections of busses in Namibia.
But EES has never lost touch with his roots and has been promoting the Namibian lifestyle all over the world through his music and videos.
See a collection of his Music Videos below: