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1) How easy is it to drive in Namibia?
Namibia has some of the best roads in Africa, we have many tarred roads leading to the major cities and towns. And the rest are (mostly) well-prepared sand roads (depending on the season). Please do not drive faster than 80 km/h on sand roads. We drive on the left side of the road and our maximum speed limit on tar roads is 120km/h. Please do avoid driving at night, as animals wonder into the roads and get blinded by the headlights.

2) How to get your vehicle when you arrive in Namibia?
If you have booked a camping vehicle with us, a free airport pick-up between 07:00 and 17:00 is included. This means after a few days (or maybe "african time" week or two) the car rental company will contact you via the email you entered during booking to collect further information from you like, a Drivers License, flight details, and what date and time you are expected to arrive in Namibia, and if you would like to be picked up by the car rental and be taken to your rented vehicle. Then when arrived in Namibia keep a lookout for somebody holding up a sign with your surname on to take you to Windhoek (about 45km ride) to your vehicle.

3) Your Tour Date is "Fully Booked"?
When you search for your best possible date on our website and get a search result where the tour cannot be selected because the button says: "fully booked"
Please just try search another date, as the one you have selected obviously is fully booked from our side. Sometimes it helps to select a few days earlier or later to your preferred date. It might happen that some dates free up again if you search a couple of days/weeks later due to canellations, but to be very honest - this happens very seldomly. If you do find a tour date that would work for you and it is available to take the chance and book, before it's fully booked.


4) Age for Booking?
To go camping in Namibia with children is very easy and they will enjoy this adventure with you as we made sure there are never too long hours of traveling in the car. For our booking all children under the Age of 12 years are free-of-charge, but all children above 12 years of age will have to pay the full price for the camping bookings. Many of the camping places will want to see identification of the children - so please make sure you booked the right amount of people for your camping trip.

5) Where to buy food and other supplies for camping?
On your journey through Namibia there will be many small towns and shops which will make it very easy for you to stock up. When you book your camping tour with us - we will send you a detailed plan indicating when best to re-stock on your journey.

6) What camping equipment do I need?
Your basic camping equipment will be supplied when you book your tour with us and will be in the vehicle. A list of the gear will be in your booking confirmation email, such as tent, cutlery, chairs etc. Here a full list of what is included if you rent a vehicle from us for your journey!
Car rental equipment

Even sleeping bags are included in our tours, but we do see that many bring their own, which is also no problem at all.
If you need more, we suggest you bring it along, check out our
online shop or buy it in Windhoek on your first day of arrival.


7) Do I need a navigation system on the trip?
We have a great map you can order as an extra to your trip when booking online, which if you can read maps will be very clear to understand with lots of extra info. But we do suggest you either bring your smartphone or a real navigation system along for your trip to make sure you do not take a wrong turn - as Namibia is a really big place!-)

8) What is the weather like in Namibia?
We have two main seasons, Winter - from May to September, which is dry but can get very cold, particularly at night during June/July/August, and occasionally temperatures fall to freezing. During the day, it can reach up to around  25 celcius, depending on the location.

Summer - October through to April is also the rainy season, temperatures increase significantly, and it is not unusual to reach 35 celcius or a little higher. The early rains (from October to December) are sporadic. January through to April can bring quite heavy rains but not for long hours and provide a welcome relief to the desert landscape. More Infomation here:

9) What is the availability of Petrol?
It’s a good idea to fill up when you can, as there are long stretches without petrol stations. Keep a little cash (Namibian Dollars - which you can exchange at the airport or get at an ATM in various towns) on hand as they don’t always accept cards.

10) How to best compensate for the CO2 emission of your trip?
When doing your final booking with us, under the "Add Extras" you can add CO2 compensation units. Our partners have calculated about €15 per 500km drive in a 4x4 camping vehicle. We then pass 100% of these funds on to Planted ( which then compensates the CO2 emissions in various global eco-friendly projects and plants extra trees.

11) What driving-license do I need?
In Namibia there are various police stops, especially when driving in and out of the major cities. These checkpoints are there to protect the people driving on the roads. The traffic officers usually look for expired car licenses, overloading and randomly ask to see the driver's driving license. Tourists are very welcome in Namibia and so your international driving license from your home country (when in the English language) should be no issue at all. Other languages without international driving codes on the back, if you want to be really safe, just get yourself an international divers license for your tour. More information on official Namibian Tourism Board website here

12) How to get a local SIM card?
We really suggest you take the time to quickly get yourself a local sim card. You can get it straight at the airport if you don't land too early in the morning - or late in the evening, the local shop called "MTC" or "Telecom Namibia" should be open. Could be that you will have to show your ID or Passport to get your SIM card verified on your name and then you should also buy airtime and data bundles at the shop. It's worth the effort as many camping places do not have WiFi if you need to stay connected. But the Namibian holiday is there to get disconnected from the internet and connected to Nature again.

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