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Hand Made in Namibia
Unique features of this eco-friendly product*

  • This product is handmade in Omaruru from leftovers after harvesting invader bush too small for charcoal production or braai wood, but too large to produce ‘bush-feed’ for animals

  • Consists of only splintered invader bush pieces (85%), non-toxic wax (10%) and cotton twine (5%)

  • Contains no paraffin/petroleum additives - hence no unpleasant or bad smell on the fingers after starting a fire

  • This confirms that Omuriro is a 100% eco-friendly/green product - another verification: no electricity or water is being used during the manufacturing process

  • Omuriro does not dry out over time like paraffin/petroleum type firelighters - hence an unlimited shelf life

  • Only one Omuriro is needed per fire - twirl the twine and it burns easily for more than 20 minutes

  • Therefore, it’s cheaper to start a fire with an Omuriro than with paraffin/petroleum type products

  • Omuriro firelighters are waterproof

  • Packed in small boxes of 6s and 12s with no plastic in the packaging, since it is 100% eco-friendly and part of the product range that qualifies as a green product.

The manufacturing of Omuriro firelighters is part of a larger value-chain: it contributes directly towards the combatting of bush encroachment and the restoration of rangelands to increase the carrying capacity in livestock production areas. Apart from this, the manufacturing of Omuriro also contributes towards a socio-economic ripple effect with the upliftment of especially rural women involved in the production process.

Firelighters "Omuriro"

5,99 €Price
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